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Alloys can make or break a car. They can be incredibly cool, and cause a car to climb a good few rungs in on the ladder of my respect. They can also be awful, rusty creations that can make the most beautiful car look like a heap of junk. Finally you have the middle option, horrible cars with absurdly over the top alloys, which always end up looking ridiculous and rather (dare I say it?!) Chavvy.

Here are some alloy wheels that, in my humble opinion, could have an amazing effect on the car they are used on. But only if they are used well!

Black car alloys

Black Alloys

Black alloys. All too often the domain of the ostentatious and tasteless. These ones are gorgeous, however, and should be given the opportunity to be used on a gorgeous car. I’m thinking something big and black and beefy, with huge amounts of attitude. NOT a Peugeot 106.

Dramatic eagle alloys

Dramatic Eagle Alloys

Next, how about these Eagle alloys? Granted, they will look ridiculous on anything other than an American Muscle car – but if you have something Darth Vader himself would be glad to drive then please please choose these.

Red Alloys

Red Alloys

Red Alloys only work on a race car or a super-car, and nothing else. Done well, however, they can elevate a car to a magical level that only the super speedy normally get to inhabit.

Angular metal alloys

Angular Metal alloys

These sort of artistic angular metal alloys can be used on almost any car – unless you are driving a heap of junk. If you are driving something that you are proud of, however, then this sort of alloy would make it very classy, and would look really smart.

Bentley Alloys

Bentley Alloys

Finally, these Bentley alloys are something a little different. I love them, personally, although I suspect for many people it will be like marmite Рyou either love them or you hate them. I just find the design totally unique, and it stands our wonderfully against the dark background. A real work of art!

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Posted by admin   @   5 May 2010

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3 Opinions

  • Denhams

    The Bentley Alloys are really nice. Rims really change the look of a car. Making it look very polished.

  • LightningCars

    Ahhh, rims!!! Some in those pics looks robotic. My personal favourite for these arts, an Advan RS. My wrx and the RS is like a match made in heaven!

  • newbie

    Certainly contributing factor towards your car image and indirectly towards your status.

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