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This week has been a long one, and as you may have noticed I don’t seem to be able to write anything much that is intelligent. As such, my instincts have been leading me towards blogging about gently entertaining topics, rather than those with too much political ramification. However, I promise that next week will see an improvement in the frequency of posts and also in the amount of stuff I actually write about cars.

Okydokes, apology over. In the spirit of happy clappy Friday’s and in celebration of the oncoming weekend, I have put together a list of a few of my favourite bumper stickers, to give you a good old laugh! Enjoy! We don’t have these much in the UK, so this is a great chance to have a laugh!

Funny bumper sticker

What happened to kitty?!

Funny bumper sticker

Creationist Bumper Sticker

Funny bumper sticker

Such a nerdy bumper sticker...

funny bumper sticker

Getting a little political!

funny bumper sticker

Indulging your hobby (something smells a little fishy...)

funny bumper sticker

Fancy insulting your fellow drivers?

funny bumper sticker

Political but rather witty...

funny bumper sticker

Risque... very risque...

funny bumper sticker

You will never find better puns than on bumper stickers...

funny bumper stickers
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Posted by admin   @   30 July 2010

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2 Opinions

  • Luke

    Some pretty great bumper stickers. I have a bunch on my car too. My favorite is “If it’s tourist season, how come we can’t shoot them?” I’m looking to sell my car and because I have so many I’m worried I wont get a good deal. A friend told me about this Trade-In Marketplace Dealer Program, where you can get an online quote. He sold his car to them at Big Bucks Auto in NYC. Does anyone else know about this program? http://www.bigbucksauto.com/autotrader-ny.html

  • http://www.afzal-driving-lessons.co.uk/ newbie

    Thaey can very eye catching so really unless you are promoting somthinh they are not worth it.

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