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When you think of a car’s funky features, it is unlikely that the tyres spring to mind. Perhaps the alloys get you talking. Or you could wax lyrical about those gorgeous ceramic brakes. The rubber wheels, however, just aren’t sexy.

Well, being that THE Blog About Cars is never adverse to a challenge, we have endeavoured to scour the blogs and websites of this world for the very coolest tread patterns, ever. It turns out the selection is somewhat limited (what do you mean we have to meet certain regulations on our tyres?!) so in the spirit of creating an article that contains more than one forlorn tyre, we have let ourselves include non-car tyres too. You know, like moped or scooter tyres, or even bikes. It is a good job too, this post would have been very boring without.

Dunlop Tyre Tread Pattern

A futuristic pattern from Dunlop...

ZigZag Trye Tread Pattern

One for the tractor-lovers, these bad boys love to zig and zag!

Wiggle Tyre Tread Pattern

Put a wiggle in your step with these funky tyres!

Hello Kitty Tyre Tread Pattern

I'm guessing these tyres are aimed at young girls?

Flame Tyre Tread Pattern

These flame tyres are probably the coolest tyres on the auto market

Heart Tyre Tread Pattern

A finally why not spread some love?

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Posted by admin   @   31 January 2011

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