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Christmas is just around the corner, and as it’s all getting a little bit festive it may be time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. For those of us who love a good motor, car accessories can be a great way to get a great gift response, plus there’s so much choice on the market!

So here are the top gifts from the car accessories market, to inspire your Christmas gift buying.

1)      Am-Tech  3 in 1 technical jump starter

A little something to get your car going, and a rather exciting little tool in itself. Priced at around £50 it really is a good deal, in terms of it giving you great peace of mind in the Winter weather.

2)      iPhone Sat Nav App


iphone sat-nav

iphone sat-nav

One of those car accessories you just can’t live without and it really is as competent as a real sat nav. There are some great apps on the market today, and with the technical specifications which will please any techy family member.

3)      Blue tooth Set

For those long journeys, a Blue tooth set is a real life saver. Your gift recipient will be able to talk til their hearts content!

4)      Electric Ice Scraper


Electric Ice Scraper

Electric Ice Scraper

A pretty nifty device that is one of its kind in the car accessories market. It has a built in heating element to help melt the ice. Great for when you’re in a hurry. Plus it’s only priced at around £13, a great Christmas stocking filler!

Happy shopping…

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5 Opinions

  • CarLockGuy

    I’d love to get that 3&1 Jump starter and the electric scraper. Two tools that are perfect, especially for the winter.

  • Car Warranty

    I have to say that the Am-Tech 3 in 1 technical jump starter sounds like it could be extremely useful and for convenience the Electrical Ice Scraper sounds brilliant.

  • Car Lock Guy

    I was thinking about getting one thing for the whole family and glad I thought about an electronic device to keep our family home safe. I just hope I can configure it so I can configure it remotely through my mobile or any family member’s mobile.

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  • Elizabeth Garnet

    Wow, good ideas for Christmas!! :D Thanks for this, The car fanatics in my life will be extremely happy this year!!  :D

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