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We have all done it. We have all wandered past a car parked on the street, only to stop and stare in horror at the utterly distasteful creations that the cars owners have chosen to cover their car seat with. Personally, I have seen glitter, neon, fur and all manner of terrible insults to the automotive industry, and I though that the time had come to collect some of the most tasteless options together in one horrible blog post.

Let us start, with the necessary levels of respect, with animal print car seat covers.

Tiger Fur Car Seat Covers

How about Tiger? Luminous orange tiger, with a sort of static furry feel to it. Scrumptious.

Zebra Patterned Car Seat Covers

Or maybe you prefer the prey to the predator?! If so, the classic Zebra print may be more up your street.

Cow seat cover

Cow Print Car Seat Cover

Or, if you want a British option, why not celebrate the rural agriculture with a bright and cheery cow pattern. Wonderful!

Away from animal prints now, why don’t we talk about the car seat covers that are available purely for function or comfort?

Waterproof Camouflage Car Seat Cover

The camouflage print of this particular car seat cover conceals something exciting – a waterproof, wipe clean finish!Classy, eh?! Just imagine sitting against that plastic baby on a hot summers day!

Furry Wool Car Seat Cover

If keep water out isn’t your priority, and keep warmth in is, then why not choose this furry underbelly of a mammoth instead? I must admit though, at least this one looks comfy!

Finally, I couldn’t resist featuring some of those oh-so-horrificbarbie doll creations that generally are accompanied by pink glittery dice and a furry wheel cover. And maybe one of those stickers in the window saying something like “Babe on Board”.

Pampered Princess Car Seat Cover

Heart Car Seat Cover

Yup, these are two of the worst. The Pampered Princess one, of course, is the worst – but I am not surprised by the utter tackiness of the heart one either!

Have you seen worse car seat covers?

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Posted by admin   @   15 April 2010

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10 Opinions

  • Frank Zweegers

    Wow, some of those are horrible, why would anybody ever want that in his/her car??

  • Winni

    I don’t even understand why theyt still sell them, they are simply ugly!

  • Jeff

    WOW! Thats a trip back in time, or it should be. Good from catching spills, but thats about it.

  • LightningCars

    I wonder how many drivers actually have this in their car!

  • newbie

    They serve useful purpose and there is market for them so why not make them exactly the came colour and material so that people will not even notice the difference.

  • Vwk70ies

    where can you get/buy those orange tiger print covers please? they are for ironys sake! thanks

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear, we can’t believe anyone would want to buy them! Here’s the listing though:

  • comptonbeach

    I LERVE furry car seat covers!! For goodness sake .. get a life!! There are much worse things to worry about than someone else’s car seats.

  • Anonymous

    Someone’s tetchy!

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