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2009 has, as always, been filled with interesting, unusual, and downright horrible modified cars. One of the fashions of all this modification is to cover your car in a rather sparkling Chrome, or the much uglier Gold.

Mirrored Peugeot

Mirrored Peugeot

Interestingly, I actually quite like Chroming. I like in-your-face cars, and I also like Chrome, so the two combined has actually aways gone down well. In fact, someĀ of the wonderful muscular cars I have seen in Chrome have looked, dare I say it, somewhat better than the original. I long to see one in real life, and know that whilst impractical and clearly absurd, I will salivate like a dog as soon as one drives past me in the street.

Chromed Mercedes

Chromed Mercedes

It would seem that I am at odds with the world over this one. Everything I have read has complained, and griped, and worried over the fashion that is Chrome. Why people feel quite so passionately I do not know, but I dare to wonder if an element of car snobbery has fallen into the mix, if people are choosing not to like it based on the car underneath and their preconceived views of what it should look like. Such a shame, this means I may not get my littleĀ Corsa released in a limited edition chrome any time soon!

What do you think? Is Chrome your cup of tea?

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Posted by admin   @   17 December 2009

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