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Well well well, some people are so talented, aren’t they. They can paint, or draw. Some people are exceptional at the hundred meter sprint, ro can blast you our of the water with 8 lengths of backstroke. In the case of the Dmitriy Khristenko, the creator behind these little creations, he is very very good at turning old watch parts in to tiny little cars and motorcycles.

Each of these works of art are made from watches, from the handlebars to the steering wheel, from the seats to the wheels. It is all a strange fusion of steampunk-meets-1980s gold bling, and the end effect is actually really smart – not to mention the fact that they are bound to be quite collectible.

So, if you’re looking for a reasonably expensive one off gift for a car or bike lover, this might just be the place to go.

Watch Parts Motorcycle


Watch Parts Pick Up

Pick Up

Watch Parts Golf Buggy

Golf Buggy

Watch Parts Quad Bike

Quad Bike

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  • Bigdaddy

    Hey! Great craftsmanship! This one is another unique craft. I’ve seen the same but uses bolts and nuts. This time its watch parts. Great masterpiece.

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