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If you have watched television in the past few years then you have no doubt seen Ford’s adverts for their new style of design – Kinetic Design. In their own words, this is  “Visualising dynamic driving characteristics through external and internal design elements”. In other words, making a car look like it could be moving even when it is standing still.

This Kinetic Design has been applied across the Ford range – but they have pushed the concept most heavily for the Focus and the Fiesta, popular little hatchbacks that have a bit of a reputation for being funky and youthful. Is this why the brand have pushed this strange dynamic style so hard – because a vibrant modern car should look like it is moving, all of the time?!

Personally, although I like the paint colours and design of the Fords, I struggle to work out what exactly Kinetic Design really is. It strikes me, you see, as a bit of a gimmick, using fancy pants expressions to make a paint job and slight redesign into something scientific and creative.

What do you think? Are you sold on Kinetic Design?

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Posted by admin   @   13 April 2010

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  • newbie

    Good improvement and selling point.

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