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An engineer friend of mine was lucky enough to have a play with a Nissan Leaf the other day – driving it around, getting a feel for it, and of course having that all-important peak underneath the bonnet. He was pretty charmed, I must say – until he lifted the hood that is.

You see, lots of the things that make normal gas-powered cars work don’t have to exist in an EV like the Nissan Leaf. As such, it seems like these futuristic cars have potential to look different. To be different. To have fun with all the stuff that happens beneath the bonnet, rather than to be boring and engine-like and dull like every other car that has ever existed. I wonder if the fact that many EVs are only available on long term car rental options effects the design?

OK, I’ll be honest with what I mean – electric vehicles should glow. I’m thinking, Warp drive looks. Pulsing blinking panels. Glowing lights, blue bits and bright white bits and the sort of futuristic LED driven styling that would make Jean-Luc Picard get all lathered up. You should lift up the bonnet and be assailed by the very alien nature of the thing, by how exciting and new and fancy it is. And if the whole thing can’t look like that (because, if we get technical about it, we do still need the thing to drive – and anyone who’s ever coated an entire uni flat in fairy lights will know that it doesn’t deliver much in terms of movement) then surely we could just have a little bit? A little magic in the mechanics?

Just a single LED, blinking and flickering away?


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Posted by admin   @   20 June 2011

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4 Opinions

  • http://www.philmotors.com/ Cars for sale

    Boring? never… i agree with the author though in that the aesthetic aspect must be looked at, so many ugly cars in the roads today… and many automakers have now shown us that cheap can also look good with a bit of innovative design.

  • Anonymous

    hehe, only the engines, and only a joke really Daniel :) The cars themselves, to be fair, generally go so far from boring that they look nothing short of ridiculous!

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    Electric cars are the future and soon enough they will become mainstream, which i’m personally glad for. I’m tired of spending far too much money on petrol that i’m being robbed for.

  • Greencarguide
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