Protecting Your Car From the Elements | Tips to Keep The Weather Out

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In this sort of weather, your car can have a really hard time. Left out in the cold on the street or in a drive, vehicles are at maximum risk of rust and other such damage. Of course the only way to stop a tree falling on your precious Porsche is to park it in a garage, but in the meantime there are a few little things that you could do to look after your car when the times are hard.

1. Car Covers.

The most obvious advise, car covers are designed to do exactly what they say on the tin – cover your car. This keeps out water, snow, frost, bird droppings and leaves. This leaves you with a clean car unaffected by the elements, and means that you can breathe easy when knowing that you car is parked under the pigeons favourite haunt or is out in the downpour. Apparently having a car cover also dissuades thieves, so that is an added bonus.

2. Fancy wax and protection.

I don’t see the point of buying a new car most of the time, but some recent technological advancements mean that lots of new cars are coming out with coats of various special protecting substances. We all know that a good wax can keep our cars a little safer from the weather, and having a special guard like this is bound to be even better. Lots of them even claim that you will never need to wax again – surely an attractive proposition?!

3. Garages.

Ahha! I couldn’t leave it out! The best way to protect your pride and joy is to have a garage. If your flat doesn’t have one, they can be rented in most towns and cities, and often for really cheap prices. Not only are they a handy storage space, but they hopefully ensure that your car is kept in the dry indoors rather than buried under two feet of rust encouraging snow.

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Posted by admin   @   13 January 2010

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  • newbie

    Good tips but normally there are no option. So what ever resources are available you apply those and hope for the best.


    In your research have you encountered any other products to help protect your car from the elements? Car covers are an obvious choice but aside from wax and protection film I’m at a loss.

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