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There was a time when I was one of the many people who hated the nodding dogs., Who though them a plague on the dashboards of our cars, objects that ought to be relegated to the tip as fast as was humanly possible. People put such huge emphasis on whether or not someone had a nodding dog in their car that the trend got rather out of hand, and the agreeable critters were treated more like valuable works of art and status symbols than furry little dangly headed canines.

Now, however, I have come back around to them. As long as they are treat as kitsch and silly, I think they can be quite fun. I would die if I saw one in a Ferrari, but in a little hatchback it kind of works. Plus, they can be a reasonable channel for people whose “creativity” lead them to cover the chairs in fluffy zebra print and to dangle glittery pink dice from the rear view mirror. If a nodding dog will get it out of their system, then all the better.

Of course, nowadays it isn’t just dogs you can get like this. So, if you have the urge to celebrate your dog loving nature with a nodding creature, then here are some of the best examples.

Nodding Bulldog

Nodding Bulldog

This thoroughly British Bulldog is the perfect nodding dog for people who drive a mini. Even better if you drive a mini with a Union Jack on the roof! Patriotic, kitsch and more than a  little bit ridiculous!

Nodding Chihuahua

A nodding chihuahua is the perfect accompaniment for people who drive tiny tiny cars. If you are the proud owner of a Toyota IQ or a Smart car then this should be the (slightly scary) nodding dog for you!

Nodding Sheep

If you are a farmer or live in the rural countryside, then break from the trend with this nodding sheep! I think this is also perfect for giving to the misbehaving teenager in the family for their first car! Hehe!

Nodding Cat

This one is for all the cat lovers out there who always complain about not having a nodding version for their preferred pet. OK, so I haven’t ever actually heard any cat lovers complaining about this particular issue, but I still feel I ought to share!

Nodding Dinosaur

Finally, just for a bit of fun, here is something a little odder! You can get all sorts – tiger, lions, fish, birds – but I think the nodding dinosaur is the best! Plus, I was a dino loving kid, this would have kept me entertained for hours!

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Posted by admin   @   17 February 2010

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