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I have noticed a trend recently towards decorating your car. Once upon a time it would be a matter of adding some fluffy dice, or going a million miles in the other direction and kitting out your car with sports kits and generally tacky looking lumps of plastic. Now, however, it seems that people seem to like the idea of personalising the way your car is decorated – ranging from custom paint jobs through to personalised vinyl graphics.

Vinyl Car Graphics

Vinyl Car Graphics

These graphics are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and all sorts of patterns. We’ve got the somewhat predictable chequered flag pattern, go faster stripes, dragons, monsters, letters… if you can imagine it, it seems likely you can get it as a vinyl to stick on the side or the bonnet of your car.

Butterfly Vinyl Car Graphics

Butterfly Vinyl Car Graphics

So, what is the decision? Are they a good and affordable way to decorate your car? Or, more likely, are they decidedly uncool?

What do you think of vinyl car graphics?

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Posted by admin   @   16 August 2010

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10 Opinions

  • robert

    Personally i think the vinyl graphics make the car look even cheaper then it would without them, they look like toy cars. Having said that the car in the image at the top would definitely turn a few heads…

  • Dino

    I really like these decals, I think they are really cool. I see them more and more they are really getting popular. I really like the butterfly on the hood.

  • LightningCars

    Overdo it and your Ferrari might look like a newspaper ad. There are some nice paintjobs out there but are rare. I’ve only seen the better ones on Tele (fast & furious) :) But I agree the top car is a head-turner

  • newbie

    Car bodies come really smooth and with so many colours to choose from there is no need for these vinyls, which gives the feeling of cheapness.

  • Michael Firstman@ Tig Welders For Sale

    I don’t think anyone would do this to their Ferrari. It seems like this trend started in Asia where they like their racing cars loud and gaudy (personal experience) and made it’s way across the globe. For me it’s tough to ever find a decal job that is half decent. Definitely a DECIDEDLY UNCOOL vote for me.
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  • Car Warranty

    I recently saw a VW Beetle with what appeared to be black paint poured all over the rear wing. It turned out that on closer inspection that this was a vinyl!! Absolutely terrible.

  • Vehicle Wraps

    I think car wraps are a pretty cool way to decorate your cars, I had it done on my Audi and it definitely looks hot!! Got it done by in Ontario

  • Brochure Design

    Vinyl graphics are the best. They dont spoil due to sunshine, heat or rains and other climatic changes. Applying stickers which distort soon is a bad idea. I always prefer to use vinyl graphics.

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