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Do you consider yourself to be a petrol head of some description? You know, the type of person who lives and breathes cars, or who at the very least finds them beautiful to look at fascinating to think about. If so, then you no doubt appreciate it when car manufacturers do that little something extra to keep you interested, and to help you spread your love of cars out into other aspects of your life.

In the case of Alfa Romeo, what they have done is pretty interesting. They have, essentially, given you a way to hand an Alfa up on your walls, thanks to their official art store. Yup, a store full of official Alfa Romeo credited art that includes their popular cars. The question is, of course, whether anyone would actually want to buy a piece of artwork like this?

Would you?

The latest additions to the store are part of the “The Cross and the Snake” collection, artwork by Avatar scenario creator Federico B. Alliney. They are odd, bright, and strangely attractive. What do you think?

Alfa Romeo Artwork ©Cultwork/Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Artwork ©Cultwork/Alfa Romeo

??©Cultwork/Alfa Romeo

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Posted by admin   @   22 October 2010

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    I don’t really understand the point of them, but they are still very nice.

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