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Happy New Year Everyone! We hope you had a lovely evening, and we’re wishing you all the best for the year to come.

As for THE Blog About Cars, well we have some resolutions to make for 2012 –

  1. Post more regularly – we want to give you lots of light-hearted and easy to read posts on everything automotive this year, and hope that you’ll enjoy reading the posts as much as we do writing them!
  2. Get involved in car discussion elsewhere on the automotive interwebs – we want to listen to you, our readers, a little more, and find out what you think is important in the motoring world this year.
  3. Get into the nitty gritty – we’ll still be casual and hobbiest based, but we want to delve deeper into some of the automotive topics that may be a bit off-putting for enthusiasts without much working car knowledge. We want to make them simple, easy to read, and entertaining.

What are your new year’s resolutions then?!

(and if you’re stuck for ideas, try this cool generator to come up with some for you!)

[image: here]
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Posted by admin   @   3 January 2012

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3 Opinions

  • SanDiegoMechanic

    Good luck with your new years resolutions! According to that generator, I should be on time, and that I should make fresh pasta. I guess, that means no more chef boyardee for me!lools

  • crazy over car

    Yeah and were looking forward for you guys to do these new years resolution for us. Happy blogging and hopefully it will gonna be a great year for all of us here. :)

  • Renting Car in Toronto Airport

    Best of luck for your resolution. I am very happy that you have taken this resolution. We can get more posts about the world of cars.

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