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When you buy a used car one of the most important things that you can do is to separate the car brand from the actual car that you are buying. While it is always good to go with a brand that you know you can trust for the long-term, it is more important to find a car that you can actually trust. It doesn’t matter how good a car company is, or what kind of ratings they have when it comes to long-term value on their cars, if the actual car that you are considering has not been properly maintained or has been in a major accident, it is not going to magically give you the value or reliability you are looking for.

Say that you are considering buying a Used Citroen. Citroen is a car company that isn’t just known for putting out high quality small cars, but also for putting out cars that are known to last a long time. Some car companies put out cars that peak in their first couple of years; Citroen, on the other hand, puts out cars that last well into their second decade, and thrive while they are out there on the road. With all of this said, none of it matters if the individual car does not get the service that it needs on a yearly basis. A car needs regular oil changes, and service whenever a part needs replacing. If the previous owners did not take care of all of this, the car is not going to be worth purchasing.

Citroen Retail Group

Citroen Retail Group

Before you can even think about buying a used car you need to know its history. This history should include any accidents that it was in, as well as the kind of service that it got. By simply reading this history, you can get a good idea whether the Used Citroen is worth your time, or if it is something that you should ignore. The dealer should have the full history available for you the same day that you visit; if they aren’t willing to give you an official history on the car, you need to move on.

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