Ford Kuga | Painted With Remote Control Cars by @PopBangColour

Post image of Ford Kuga | Painted With Remote Control Cars by @PopBangColour

Ah, we like Twitter here at THE Blog About Cars. It is such a great idea, and lets us stay in contact we with what is going on all around the world. This month one of the guys we follow did something really cool, if a little Ford branded, and we thought we would share it with you. After all, the whole collaboration started over Twitter, and so social media seems to be the idea place to share it with.

Anyway, PopBangColourended up being set the task of painting a Ford Kuga using remote control cars. A few years ago I seem to remember an advert that used real cars with paint on their wheels to create some art work, but it certainly wasn’t as tailored as this one. After all, at just one glance you can tell exactly what it is!

What do you think? Talented, or just a bit of random PR?

Ford Kuga Being Painted Using Remote Controlled Cars

The painting process...

Ford Kuga Being Painted Using Remote Control Cars

The finished article!

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Posted by admin   @   16 September 2010

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2 Opinions

  • Supercars

    I like this kind of projects :) it makes people happy!
    Supercars´s last blog post ..Audi A9

  • LightningCars

    It’s hard to paint by hand, let alone a remote control car!
    LightningCars´s last blog post ..Mercedes-Benz S-Class

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