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I love cars. I work in the car industry. I help people sell cars every day, and I dream of the day when I can own something really exciting, rather than sharing my boyfriends car. Specifically, I dream of owning a 2011 Ford Mustang (so I can afford the fuel!). However, despite my obsession with all things automotive, I have noticed a rather boring and unpleasant side to the car industry.

As, I suppose, with any industry fuelled by obsession and passion, people are incredibly fixed in their views when it comes to what car is good or which engine is best. People quote lots of mind-dumbing stats and figures, and strong and frenzied arguments break out between otherwise sane members of the human race – arguments about the shape of an alloy, or a brand’s new paint colour of choice.

I find that more and more a sense of humour and flippant comment is not accepted. I can be chatting with my friends in the pub and a quick aside from someone about a passing car can erupt into a full blown debate. I bear witness to battles online, mean and cruel comments in comments columns, and lots of people reacting to lots of testosterone.

Quite frankly, it drives me mad!

Do you find this? Do you think petrolheads are getting grumpier?!

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Posted by admin   @   31 March 2010

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3 Opinions

  • sys

    It happens. Don’t let fanbois bother you.

  • fmws

    Hi Lauren,

    I saw your post at autoblog and I understand where you’re coming from. Don’t get discouraged, people are harsh a lot of times, especially on the internet. Also, a lot of people are close minded so that happens a lot. Anyways, my point is, keep it up with your blog. Take care and a have nice day!

  • fmws

    Why was my comment deleted? I just think that happens because a lot of times people are close minded and that usually they take these brands too seriously. Anyways, don’t give up, keep it up with your blog. Good luck!

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