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Many people view used car warranties in the same way they view sun lotion. You’re off to the beach, so you collect together your flip flops, towel, sunglasses, iPod and… sun lotion? Nah, it’s just an unnecessary hassle! But what ends up happening? You guessed it – you end up looking as red as a proverbial lobster and wish you’d bothered slapping on some sun lotion. In the same way, many car owners still dismiss the thought of paying for a used car ‘aftermarket’ warranty for their prize motor. Some view it as a hassle, some view it as an expense. But it’s usually a breeze to arrange one and some expenses are worth it – after market extended used car warranties most certainly are!

Motorists who take out a car warranty maintenance plan have one thing that most other motorists don’t (well, unless they’ve got deep pockets if required!) – peace of mind! While their compatriots drive around with the risk of one of the thousands of parts on their car suddenly failing and resulting in an expensive repair, drivers who take out used car warranties can rest assured that many parts of their car will be covered, potentially saving them a fortune in the long-run, or even sooner in some cases!

Extended car warranty plans are for motor vehicles which are no longer covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Although some car makers such as Hyundai and Vauxhall provide long warranties of up to 7-10 years, most car manufacturers typically provide warranties for the first 3 years or 60,000 miles. After that, you can either pay the manufacturer of your car annually to extend their warranty, or you can let your warranty lapse so you’re not covered if anything goes wrong. The 3rd option is to take out an aftermarket warranty from a third party firm. Various firms provide such second hand car warranties, such as the ones with the orange branding who are fronted by the slicked-back-hair chap from the original Top Gear.

Don’t think that just because your car is meant to be reliable, say like a Honda, Lexus or Toyota, that it actually will be. Even makes renowned for their reliability go wrong sometimes, and you just don’t know when that ‘sometimes’ may come!

Okay, so you’ve got the point and now intend to trundle off and Google for used car warranty companies to contact for quotes. Good, but before you do, bear in mind that not all vehicle warranty firms are the same, and nor are their policy plans. Some second hand car warranty providers will include ‘weasel words’ in their small print, giving them loopholes so they don’t have to pay out on certain claims. Other warranty firms may exclude several key parts of cars which are sadly parts which are likely to fail, or they will exclude ‘wear and tear’ components. And sometimes, you’re not even allowed to improve your car as a result of new components which get fitted under a warranty claim, because of something called ‘betterment.’

So be careful, do you research and compare the various used car warranty firms and quotes out there. But do make sure you save yourself from getting a sinking feeling of regret by taking out a used car warranty!

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Posted by admin   @   19 July 2011

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  • Auto Warranty

     An extended car warranty is always a good idea – especially on older cars that are not covered by the manufacturer anymore. Be sure you compare auto warranty prices and coverage to get the best price on the coverage you really need.

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