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If you are a household that owns more than one car, you may find yourself getting a much better deal financially by tracking down a company who offers multi car insurance such as Churchill. This has several benefits including saving money, only having to deal with one company, and having one policy to cover all your vehicles. While this kind of insurance used to deal specifically with companies who owned fleets, it is now also a domestic product.

There are many households that now have several cars. A husband and wife may well have a car each, and as children are leaving home at a later age than ever before, they may well also have their own cars. By insuring all of the cars in one go you will also save a lot of time by not having to search around individual insurers to find the best car insurance deal for each vehicle.

As long as they are all registered to the same address, there are companies who will cover up to 5 or more cars on the same policy. Another benefit is that should you choose the most popular method of paying for you car insurance monthly, you will only have one direct debit leaving your bank account on one specific date, not dotted all over the month when keeping track can be difficult.

The savings that can be made are akin to buying any product in bulk; the more you buy the less you pay. By insuring several vehicles you are effectively bulk buying car insurance, thus getting it cheaper. If you have singular insurance at the moment check to see if your current insurer offer multi car insurance, and if they do it may still be worth your while getting some other quotes online before your renewal date arrives.

If all the cars are insured separately and have different renewal dates, you may think that this will make it impossible to get multi car insurance. Not so, simply contact the company you are thinking of going with and tell them of the situation, they will bend over backwards to sort it out for you as ultimately they want your business and multi car policies are too valuable to turn down.

There are several other things to check out too before signing on the dotted line. You need to ensure that although the cars are all being covered by one policy they still have their own no claims discount. The last thing you want when you have a discount dating back 5 years is for your son to have an accident, claim on the insurance, and have it wipe out your no claims bonus in one fell swoop.

You should also check the t’s and c’s for what happens if someone sells their car or trades it in for another one to see how this will affect the policy. While¬† there will be the odd few who don’t benefit from insuring all their household’s cars on one policy, the popularity of this kind of policy proves that there are thousands who have got a much better deal than they had previously.

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