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There’s absolutely no doubt that buying second hand cars is a great way to save money and get something rather good in return.  But what is a bit more contentious however, is where to actually get them from; so many different avenues exist that it’s quite easy to get lost and feel overwhelmed.  Looking online for used cars is hugely popular. As with jobs and property, big website generate millions of visitors each month. In January, Autotrader generated 2.2 million visitors purely on its mobile platform

We all know about Autotrader – the hoover of private car selling. Over the years Autotrader has become a highly dependable source of customer leads to UK car dealers.

So who else is there? Daily Mail backed began life in 2007 and are committed to having superior used car choice in the areas where the Mail own local newspaper titles. Their innovative used car search is powered by FAST technology and is immensely powerful to drill down to your perfect pre owned car.

Then you have a lot of used car aggregator websites that offer very similar things. The car choice is quite similar and the method of car searching is also quite basic. Due to the popularity of online search, this sector has become saturated and there has been a need for something new other than the same old websites.

Unlike other used car websites, Trusted Dealersis actually owned by some of the UK’s biggest and best dealers, which makes it unique in the marketplace and ideally positioned to offer buyers some of the best deals around.  The impressive reputations of each consortium member means that having total confidence is as well.

38 dealers power Trusted Dealers, including the likes of Arnold Clark, Jardine Motors Group, Pentagon and JCT600.  The fact that such major franchises come together in one place is an indication of what to expect; combining a slick sales procedure with a consistent level of after care.

One of the standout features of Trusted Dealers is the ’10 Point Difference’ commitment.  This is essentially a check list of factors related to quality that you can expect to see when buying from this online consortium.  Featuring everything from theft and write off checks to in depth mechanical tests, MOTs, guarantees/warranties and professional cleaning Trusted Dealers are making a real attempt to connect with the car buyer and provide a service led car search.

How will things change in online used car searching? Locality is huge, as the Autotrader January performance proved so the mobile/app sector will explode even more than it has done at this moment. Trusted Dealers have a great mobile site, Motors have a very decent smartphone app – check them both out.

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5 Opinions

  • Sean H

    Great article. This is spot on what is going on in online car retailing. 

  • Shane Park

    Yeah very true. People have their own reasons why they go to second hand
    cars. Of course, the first reason it is more affordable. However, they
    must be meticulous when it comes to choosing the right one.

  • SanDiegoMechanic

    It can be quite overwhelming to sift through the numerous possible leads for online sites and online stores. You are right about prioritizing those sources that are known to be trustworthy and reliable, so it would only make the choice easier and safer for you in the long run.

  • Allstate Insurance Quote

    there’s another really good online auto retailer that pretty much runs their business through ebay motors.. i think they’re called texas auto direct or something like that.. 

  • Tyra Shortino

    Yeah, yeah, that makes sense. When you’re out there searching for cars, one of your goals is to narrow down the list of cars and car dealerships that you would deal with. Having too many choices will cause you to have a harder time searching for the right automobile.

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