“I’m a girl, so I wouldn’t know anything about cars, would I?”

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No word of a lie, this is the comment I received on Twitter the other week, from a girl I was following who is looking to buy a car. I asked her what she was getting, and that was how she responded.

The comment itself rather got to me. After all, although she may not have realised it, I am a girl, and I write a car blog, work in the automotive industry, and am doing my utmost to ensure that my Capri gets done before the universe implodes. Therefore cars are a major part of my life, even thought I am of the feminine inclination. Being so involved in the automotive world, it seems, has left me rather naive about the whole “women and cars” thing that appears to still be going on.

I Love Cars

Well, I do…

Because this wasn’t a typical complaint about women drivers (for those who still beat the broken back of this old gem, this article may be of interest) – this was a woman excusing a lack of apparent research skills purely on the basis of her gender. Personal self-sexism like this always makes me uncomfortable – as it suggests that any positive changes happening re: gender inequality are always fighting not against the chauvinists  but against inside action, which can be a lot harder to overcome.

What I suppose I’m trying to say is this – by all means don’t be interested in cars. One person’s hobby is another person’s soporific, and if you find 4-wheelers boring then that’s absolutely fine. But that is down to your taste as an individual, rather than as a member of one sex or the other.

In short? Stop using lazy excuses and either ask someone who does know, or do the research yourself!

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Posted by admin   @   10 February 2014

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3 Opinions

  • Shaira

    Being a girl does not make you dumb. I would have done research on what cars suits me. This is an insult to my femininity. Actually I love cars and We buy junk cars.

  • Delane

    I hear that all the time! It’s BS obviously!

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  • Susan

    i agree with you there, i recently went into a Personal Contract Hire agreement and the men there were shocked on how much i knew about cars

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