Suits You Sir | Mercedes-Benz Sponsor GQ’s Best-Dressed List 2011

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The name Mercedes is synonymous with style. With pizazz. With looking good and feeling better. As a luxury brand, they know all about how to make people pay high end prices for their products, and they couldn’t do this without delivering on looks, style and performance.

It makes sense, therefore, to see Mercedes sponsoring the GQ Best-Dressed list of 2011. After all, it can safely be assumed that Mercedes and GQs target audience are roughly the same. Smart, sophisticated city men with deep pockets and a desire to see and be seen.

As Mercedes-Benz themselves say:

Smooth style and exquisite design are at the heart of what we do. It’s why we’ve always championed the UK’s style and design industries – we’re passionate about people who understand, create and define timeless elegance.

Of course, not everything about Mercedes is glitz and glamour, because they are after all in the business of creating cars that guzzle stinky dirty petrol or diesel, and in which any number of things are bound to go wrong in the course of their existinace. Don’t get me wrong, but no matter how beautiful the Mercedes range is, shopping for Mercedes Parts can’t quite be one of the most exciting things to be done. Instead, these are the things that are necessary, and all you can concetnrate on it getting quality parts for good prices.

I suppose it is like the GQ men themselves – smart and suave they may be, and impeccably dress, but they still have to eat, sleep and go to the loo!

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  • Rbcustomcars

    Hey, great post! I’d be grateful if you could check out my new blog, its a work in progress but let me know what you think!

    RB Customs

  • Alicia Beckman

    Mercedes is an all time favorite among car lovers. Everything about it is amazing be it styling,performance or comfort. No one can beat it.

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