The Complicated Car Industry – And Being A Girl

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The time is here for an admission. I am not an expert in cars. I love cars, always have, but I am more of a sucker for good looks and delightful engine roar than for a list of attractive stats. I know what I am talking about, but I am not an engineer by any stretch of the imagination!

The second part of the admission is that sometimes people love cars that I hate – and that sometimes the “coolest” cars on the market are objects that I feel look like dodgems or toy cars. On much the same way, I can love a car and accept that someone else hats its guts, or admire the looks of a car that someone has passionately slated. That is the beauty of subjectivity, and how there really is a car for everyone.

However, I was struck recently that many people take cars a little too seriously. They believe so strongly in their views and their knowledge that they will get incredibly irate and angry if anyone dares to go against them. There is also the fact that I am a girl working in the car industry, and this sometimes doesn’t go down very well. How terribly old-fashioned. I don’t mention the fact I am a girl, but I do sign off, understandably, with my name!

This all came to a head when I left a comment about a car that I, personally, think looks too much like a dodgem to be particularly sexy. That is my opinion, my humble opinion. However, I got a very angry and nasty comment back, telling me to stop relying on being a girl in the car industry and to essentially get lost! It surprised me!

Have you experienced anything like this? What do you think of the complexities of the car industry?

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Posted by admin   @   4 March 2010

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