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Most of the time when I write about cars, I do it from the point of view of a car buyer. However, it is worth thinking occasionally about a whole other side to the market, that of the people who are selling the cars. Having something good to sell, or which ideally sells itself, can make the difference to a car dealer of having a great month, or having to survive on a daily diet of baked beans until next payday.

There are also, of course, business issues that we never even think about. After all, this is an industry when people come along to buy what is essentially a fancy tin can on wheels, and there are bound to be hazards with that. Something might go wrong, and so you will need public liability insurance to protect you when someone leans on a car in the forecourt, and it rolls of down the hill. Or when someone slips on a wet patch of oil.

Auto insurance, too, is a consideration that people tend to completely forget. They look at car dealers as flat two-dimensional people, and never think about all the hassle and money that goes into running a dealership! The fact is, however, that car dealers will need insurance for taking people out in cars for test drives, and that insurance is going to have to be a whole lot more comprehensive than the relatively comprehensive insurance we Luddites have to buy. The solution is Motor Trade insurance, which is actually provided by a surprisingly large number of insurance brokers.

I had never thought about this before. After all, car dealers insurance hasn’t exactly been a priority in my life! However, I dread to think how much car dealers have to pay to protect themselves against someone having a prang on a test drive. Or stealing the car. It is a hard world – and maybe we need to spare a bit more thought for the poor old car dealers having to navigate those murky waters.

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  • BigBucksAuto

    I’m sorry, but I will never feel bad for car dealers, lol! Most of them are crooks and can easily con some sap out of money to easily pay for this insurance too.

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