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If you are like most drivers, you might want to trade in your car for a new model or something entirely different after about five years of driving it. If you decide to go this route, it is important to know a few steps to take to ensure the best resale value for your vehicle. There are many factors that determine a car’s resale value, such as mileage, condition, and age, but what many drivers might not foresee are the other factors such as aftermarket add-ons and maintenance concerns.

Aftermarket products

When you want to upgrade any feature in your car, consult your dealership or any dealer that sells the same make and model as your car. Many times, aftermarket products not built by the same manufacturer are considered to be of lower quality. If you do plan on selling your car eventually, it is advised that you look to your dealership for anything you might want to add on.

An exception to this consideration, however, is if you plan on dealing with a private buyer rather than a dealership. A private buyer might be more willing – and might actually prefer – to buy a car with specific aftermarket parts, such as a premium sound system.

Company Vans or large Transport Fleets

You may have a fleet of commercial vans that you use for ferrying around tools and materials, and keeping your van pristine for resale can be a tough prospect.  You can however protect the inside of your Van with a number of protective solutions. Ply lining kits are an effective option and give a strong, flexible and lightweight, scratch resistant solution, and for a relatively low cost. Opt for the plastic polypropylene kits and bulkheads, they’re made to last a lot longer than your Van – wooden linings are yesterdays solution, but still a viable DIY job if you can’t afford the fitting.


When you bring in your car for routine maintenance and service, save all of your receipts to show that you have followed the proper maintenance schedule. At the first sign of car trouble, bring your car to a mechanic so that the problem does not escalate and result in even further damage. The more repairs that the buyer needs to do to the car, the lower the value of the car.

Prevention of Aesthetic Damage

This goes for both the interior and exterior. When possible, stay parked at a distance from other cars to prevent door dings, and park in covered areas as often as possible to prevent damage from the elements. As far as the interior is concerned, you will want to be consistent about vacuuming and polishing the interior as it is usually obvious when a car has been well kept or whether it was simply detailed just before putting it up for sale. Do not smoke in the car or allow passengers to smoke, as stray ashes can leave permanent burn marks in the seats.

Keeping your car’s resale value is important if you plan on upgrading to a different model after a few years of driving it.  With the above in mind, Buyacar can offer an online used car valuation and calculate a trade in price, so that you can put that money towards your next new car.

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Posted by admin   @   16 December 2010

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8 Opinions

  • Driving

    You don’t Keep the car value not even if you don’t drive it

  • ft. lauderdale used cars

    All right. Your tips are good enough for the selling of my used car.
    My model of car is Subaru. Can I be able to resale as per your tips.
    By the way, I’m thankful to your outstanding post.

  • tyre machines

    I think I’m losing hope selling my old car. I guess this will be a lesson for me. I’ll do what you’ve said next time.

  • Roof Racks

    I would say a car should have a workable engine with a good wind shield and most importantly, it should have the roof racks (that grabs the viewer’s attention). These features keeps the car ever new! However, I liked the points that you have mentioned over here! Thanks.

  • Chris Claydon

    I agree with the comments about keeping the interior and exterior of your car clean. And when it comes to the exterior, PLEASE do not use an automatic car wash, or any of those hand car wash places. If you wash your car yourself, please throw away the sponge, otherwise you may as well be using a scouring pad. Invest in a wash mitt, they are not even that expensive, as even a cheap wash mitt will be better than a sponge. Also use the ‘two bucket method’ (google it). Try and polish and wax your car periodically too, as this will create a barrier to contaminants that could damage your paint. Just those few things will help your car’s appearance.

    Think about it, if you don’t, come trade-in time the dealer will be thinking about how much he will have to spend reviving the appearance of your car.

    Either way, you cannot beat the satisfaction of looking at your beautifully clean and polished car

  • car detail

    Thanks for your sharing! Ill keep coming back!

  • Camry versus Accord

    It certainly is aggravating to take a trade in to the dealership and have them tell you it is worthless…  They should also tell you that the one you’d like to buy will depreciate by a few thousand when you sign the paperwork… 

  • Johnnymassive

    It is pretty much inevitable that your car gets a few minor scratches from keys and such so even if you are extremely careful there will most likely be some visible minor wear and tear to your car. These can easily be removed at Car body repair workshops and are usually inexpensive. Having minor touch ups can help to increase your resale value when you go to sell your car

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