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The sun has finally arrived here in the UK! The hot sunny weather has a profound effect on many aspects of British culture – everyone zooms off to the beach at the first chance they get, the air becomes full of the smells of a million BBQs, and we have to put up with a range of disappointing looking bare male torsos being paraded through our parks and town centres. One other area that is effected is your car, as the strong sun may well make the colour start to fade. This is especially apparent on solid (non metallic) colours, and red in particular.

What you need to do to counteract this is T-Cut your car. T-Cut is an abrasive paint that you can get in most automotive shops. There are other options, such as using colour turtle wax to restore that gleam, but generally most people opt for the T-Cut option. It works by stripping off a thin layer of the oxidised paint on your car, revealed the shiny un-oxidised layer beneath.

So, how do you T-Cut your car?

  1. Start by, if possible, taping up and plastic or rubber parts of your car so that the T-Cut doesn’t get on them. It will stain and we don’t want that!
  2. Using a lint free cloth, rub the T-Cut (we got the version that matched our car colour) onto the metal in a circular motion.
  3. After you have T-Cut a small section, use a second cloth to wipe off the excess and buff cialis sales online to a sheen.
  4. Repeat all over the car, rememberingnot to do a section too big as it will dry and be harder to buff off!

You will probably need to T-Cut and wax your car a few times a year to keep it in tip top condition! Have fun!

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    Something tells me this isnt that simple!

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