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They are one of the biggest hazards on British roads in the winter months, and a cause of the rise in insurance claims and car damage that happen without fail after the big freeze. Potholes are more than a minor irritation, they are a full blown hazard, and with so many opening up on the roads after all the pre-Christmas ice and snow, they are something motorists on the whole should no more about.

So, without further ado, we thought we would put together a little and rather educational guide on what actually causes potholes.

1. The road surface when laid is laced with imperfections. Air pockets, holes and cracks all exist where the eye can’t see.

2. General wear and tear, such as traffic travelling over the surface at high speed, can weaken the integrity of the road surface and make it more prone to potholes.

3. Winter weather tends to turn these imperfections into potholes – water gets into the cracks, and when this freezes it expands. The expansion widens cracks, and any rain washes away the gravel left behind. Eventually these cracks turn into minor potholes.

4. Whilst some potholes appear very suddenly, others will be gradually widened by the bumping of cars over the existing hole.

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Posted by admin   @   10 January 2011

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5 Opinions

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  • Ansimp100

    pot holes are a nightmare…..hit them so many times since we had the snow, sure I’ve wrecked the car

    the pit stop

  • CarLockGuy

    Ugh, it is rather annoying and dangerous, especially the ones you can’t clearly see, or ones that you’d actually be skidding to a full blown tear.

  • Chris

    It surprises me the government don’t act quicker after the freezing weather hits. They know the roads will be damaged so they should have a plan to fill them in soon after the cold. They are dangerous, I sure wouldn’t want to be on a motorbike on our roads right now.

  • Ericatpellon

    eric roberts hi this event happens every year its no surprise,it depends where you live some councels are good at filling in the holes some are not. i own a garage in west yorkshire and the holes are usually filled in by say march time,thats pretty good i must confess though that i sell tyres??? and my wheel alignment figures are up so its not bad for everybody.

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