A Hydrogen Powered Future | Microcab Reveals The H2EV

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Microcab, a Coventry based vehicle manufacturer, has launched its newest hydrogen fuel cell vehicle; the H2EV. Alongside its unveiling they have provided pictures of it fuelling up at Honda’s recently opened, public, hydrogen fuelling station in Swindon (the UK’s first).

The H2EV Filling Up In Swindon


A fleet of microcab’s will be trialled and showcased by CABLED; a project in Birmingham and Coventry. They aim to collect data on ultra-low carbon vehicles, which they will make available to a “wide cross section of real world users”. These trials are necessary because despite their benefits, these types of vehicles still face the issues of initial purchase price and public fears of how they will fair with longer journeys.

Despite these fears Microcab claims that when fully fuelled the H2EV has the ability to travel 100 miles. More promisingly is the car manufacturer Lotus has also been involved in the project; engineering the new chassis for the H2EV, which was designed by Microcab and Delta Motorsport. The car will run on a 3kW fuel cell and according to Microcab can be refilled “in a matter of minutes”; a trait I think we’d all love to be able to associate with our cars.

The H2EV looks like a very promising step in hydrogen vehicle progression, and is likely to help drive other manufacturers looking into hydrogen fuelled vehicles further.

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