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Ginetta, a company becoming ever more formidable on the british motorsport scene, have revealed their newest car; the G60. Ginetta are proud to be led by Laurence Tomlinson, an accomplished racing driver and engineer himself, stating “His very tough, very high standards are all evident in Ginetta’s new sports car”.

The car will globally distributed, but at a planned rate of only 50 car per year. Running on a 3.7 litre cyclone engine and being carbon fibre bodied, Ginetta have “purposefully engineered-out any superfluous gadgetry.”

Ginetta took the existing Farbio rebranded with ‘F400’ and began deconstructing and reconstructing the car from scratch. Only the body shape remains the same, despite small improvements to aerodynamics, with the addition of a revised splitter and carbon fibre cooling vents.

The engine gives the new supercar 310 bhp and the six-speed manual gearbox is fitted with an ATB limited slip differential to ensure this power is delivered effectively. However, with power comes the need to have the ability to decelerate quickly and safely; Ginetta have achieved this by fitting larger grooved and drilled disks with Alcon 4 pot brakes. On top of this is the need for high quality suspension, which Ginetta have re-designed to incorporate unassisted rack and pinion steering and aluminium billet uprights, to give the driver rigidity and improved handling.

As impressive as the figures are; powering from 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds and with a top speed of in access of 165 mph, there is a downside. The desire for speed and performance means no servo brakes, power assisted steering, ABS or traction control. You certainly need to be confident in your driving abilities to get the most from this car!

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