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Now, pickup trucks are beastly machines as it is; but what happens when you modify them? Apparently you have a strange desire to drive the South Pole! Artic Trucks, an Icelandic developer of ‘extreme modified super jeeps’ has received a Guinness world record for being fastest to cross Antarctica to the South Pole.

Arctic Trucks At The South Pole

The company modified two Toyota Hilux AT44’s into adventure-ready expedition vehicles. These beasts then went on a 2,308 km drive to the South Pole. Doing so in an astonishing 108 hours and setting a new record for speeding in Antarctic with an average speed of 21.4Km. In order to break the world record not only did they have to drive through rough weather conditions and altitudes in excess of 10,000 feet, but also across previously unexplored landscapes that were laden with perilous crevasses.

Artic Trucks started out developing vehicles simply to tackle Icelandic glaciers, but becoming bored with that they became a little more ambitious, moving on to modifying vehicles so they could go where no vehicle was thought to be able to go before!

I’m sure a lot of you think you’ve never heard of Artic Trucks before. However, they may feel less alien if I tell you that they were the company who modified the Toyota’s used on Top Gear to drive to the North Pole and, more comically, to drive up a volcano (which may just have been erupting at the time). For those of you who enjoy cars, which going by what you’re doing right now I will assume you are, and haven’t seen the particular episode mentioned, I’d suggest taking a look. Yes it’s overdramatic and reasonably ‘staged’ as usual, but it’s a good watch nonetheless!

What do you think of the modified pickups? It might do a better job than a guard dog having one of these beasts on your drive!

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