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50 years ago the Aston Martin and Zagato came together to create a lightweight race car of which all models still survive; the DB4 GT Zagato, and to mark this union the two have now revealed  the V12 Vantage Zagato, their brand new concept car. Aston Martin has offered the public a tantalising glance of this new concept and they have certainly made it look majestic. The sleek body shape that we are afforded a glance of is enough to excite any Aston Martin fan and certainly shows a lot of potential for this car.

Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato

The old one, 50 years ago!

Although this is the first and only image released by Aston Martin, they are also holding their cards close on any of the details for this anniversary edition car. With the DB4 GT Zagato being such an iconic car, this has a lot to live up to and from what ive seen this car should not disappoint. Although Aston Martin haven’t released any information on whether this new car will be an improvement of the V12 Vantage, as the DB4 GT Zagato was an improvement of Aston Martins original DB4 GT. By the looks of it, it definitely has bodily elements of the original V12 Vantage, and is likely to be a modified version, recreated in the Aston Martin Zagato style.

The last time these two teamed up, to produce the DB7 Vantage Zagato, all 99 of the cars available to the public sold out, and I’m sure both companies will be hoping for similar success with the release of their newest creation. It looks as though Aston Martin is looking to put this car into production in 2012 depending on how it is received, and will be showing off their latest creation at renowned race tracks such as the nurburgring.

This is likely to be a good looking car from the concept drawing that we have been enticed with so far, and hopefully once the decision is made to put it into production, we will see the sleek bodied, power and comfort that Aston Martin have built a reputation for offering. Combined with the original racing spirit the Zagato offered with the DB4 GT Zagato; this will definitely be one to watch.

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