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The Range Rove Evoque got such a large amount of interest and publicity over the last lifetime year that Audi’s new release deserves to get some coverage too. After all, the Q3 is the closest thing the the Evoque has to a new rival, and represents Audi’s emergence into the smaller 4×4 market. In fact, it is by far the brands smallest 4×4 member, a fact that alone makes the Q3 worth paying attention to.

So, what makes the Audi Q3 special?

Well, it’s light to start with, choosing aluminum over steel, and it’s also compact. It is, don’t get me wrong, definitely a 4×4, but it’s crossover status means that everything fits in a much smaller body, albeit one that sits high and offers a pretty spacious boot capacity. Like with the rest of the crossovers in its class, this is the sort of car that is designed to offer off-roading functionality in an enjoyable way, but which will spend much of its time on the school run or nipping to the shops. It is also pretty smart from entry level upwards, adding some of the features that normally you wouldn’t expect by default. The features we’re talking about? Built in Wi-Fi and fancy-pants 3D satnav, all in a good looking dash that shows why Audi have the luxury reputation they do.


Audi Q3 Interior Styling and Features


Audi Q3 Exterior Styling and Features

From behind...

Audi Q3 Exterior Styling and Features

From the side...

And OK, so this car isn’t necessarily going to be great for carrying 5 adults around, despite the fact that it is still comparatively spacious. But still, it looks good and the selection of 2.0-litre, four-cylinder, turbocharged and direct-injection engines tend to be good to drive and easy to enjoy.

Definitely worth a second look!


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