An Automotive Holiday – Renting a Classic to Travel in?

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Most people who love and drive classic cars have done a road trip in them. Whether it’s just (just?! Have you SEEN the rain and weather we’ve been having this year?!) driving up to Scotland, or whether it is more of a long haul thing (here at THE Blog About Cars we know of more than a handful of ridiculous drives, past, present and planned!), most classic owners have been unable to resist the urge to let their automobiles spread their wings and fly!

In a similar vein, rental cars aren’t an alien idea either. In fact, petrol heads have long flown to foreign climbs, bought a cheap classic car or rented a fancy modern one (my recent jaunt in a new Mustang, I’m looking at you!) with which to experience the roads and vistas of their chosen destination.

Tour Mexico in a VW Beetle


But this is something new – or it is to me at least! The idea is that (in this particular case) you journey to Mexico, and once you’re there you meet up with a convoy of other classics enthusiasts. With them you hop into a Beetle, and you and your six other Beetle driving new friends rack up 1,675 kilometres over a 14-day Pacific road trip. Aside from the fact that you only meet the travelling people on the trip (whereas most convoys will be made of groups of already familiar enthusiasts), one of the key differences will be the fact that you are accompanied by a support vehicle and mechanic – a fact which I hope wouldn’t detract too much from the “magic” of the experience.  Tow-truck in your holiday snaps, anyone?!

It’s an interesting idea, and I particularly like the fact that independence isn’t discouraged – you can stay longer in places you particularly like, and get of the beaten track too – just remember that you’re tracked by GPS so the group can find you in needs be, or in case you get too far away. The problem, really, comes twofold. One, this will seem like a cop out to many classics enthusiasts – which to be fair generally means that you’ve chosen the sensible option! And two, it’s pricey. Really pricey. $3,750 per person, in fact!

Interested? The website is Let us know what you think!

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Posted by admin   @   5 July 2012

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4 Opinions

  • SanDiegoAutoMechanic

    This seems a fun idea! Riding on a classic car in a beautiful town. Not to mention one of my favorite cars is the beetle! The fuel consumption is great and design is just awesome. Is this in Scotland?

  • Adil

    I don’t think that today classical cars lovers will be too many, as I am not the lover of such cars.  But you twisted the point very right. If a classical car driver is accompanied by other similar taste fellows, then they get work done. They will have nice and interesting journey.

  • Rai

     I love Classic Cars.  I would like to get a Beattle from the 70 and ride it all over the town.  I offer car insurance for Classic Cars visit my webpage

  • Jhakes78

    Cool concept and I love the cars! $3,750 doesn’t seem all that expensive if you consider your 15 day vacation includes your car, high end hotels, a guide and roadside assistance. I’d much rather travel in a beetle convertible than in an air-conditioned bus. Sounds like fun.

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