Are Car Search Filters Good Enough?

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My boyfriend and I have been searching for a used Volkswagen Golf for a few weeks now.

I know the Golf specification we want to purchase such as transmission, preferable colours, age, engine size and number of doors but I really only want to compare used VW Golfs that are fuel efficient and produce the least amount of emissions. The main reason for purchasing a used Golf is because my vehicle at the moment is expensive to fuel and road tax seems to have increased two fold since I purchased it 6 or 7 years ago.

As fuel prices and road tax generally seems on the rise it is surprising that most price comparison websites such as Autotrader and car dealership websites do not give you the option to filter fuel efficient and low emission vehicles. Some websites do enable the consumer to do this but the majority only allow the car search results to appear in preference of price and distance from your postcode.

It is definitely worth implementing this type of function on car dealer sites and comparison websites – it certainly would make my life a lot easier when searching for a car with lower running costs!

Do you agree?

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2 Opinions

  • TireLady

    but they are a must, still

  • Neil

    On you can search for car by the fuel economy (miles per gallon)

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