As Christmas Ends, Trouble Begins…

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Well, what a Christmas that was! More food and booze than I ever though it were possible to ingest and a stockpile of presents that would embarrass Richie Rich. Nevertheless, all good things must come to an end and that is precisely what happened when I returned to work on the 29th December. First of all I was forced to detour all around Warwickshire. See this article for the reason why:

Then, during my longer-than-expected commute to work I was faced with the sight that all car owners dread more than anything; the warning lights started flashing on my dash. This couldn’t happen at a worse time. Not only am I too poor after the Christmas festivities to afford any significant repairs, but most of the garages near where I live are either closed, or booked up for the next few weeks.

A little research in the car’s manual suggested that I had an emissions problem, brought about by a fault with the catalytic converter. Not being any kind of mechanic myself, I am going to have to take it easy on the driving until I can get my pride and joy to a garage. I am just hopeful that it can last the distance.

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Posted by admin   @   30 December 2010

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4 Opinions

  • Russ Goddard

    Sometimes those warning lights are designed to come on at a certain mileage, to make sure you check an item or get a particular service done. Let’s hope that’s what happened! Happy New Year, I enjoy your blog.

    Russ Goddard
    “Thoughts from a guy who likes cars”

  • Sean

    for christmas i thought i would treat myself and get my car spray painted a glossy black and i bought some sprayed gold 22″ alloy wheels and some massage snake skin seats i aslo bought some new headlights from: and we raced around my dune buggies track me and a friend i wooped him soo bad what did anyone else do for fun relating in cars on christmas day ??

  • Kami

    As a huge car fan thanks for your excellent information. It is really useful and well written. Warning lights are something easily missed out and overlooked, make sure they are working, it could save your life!
    Happy New Year to you and your readers and keep up th excellent work!

  • Endpower67

    Funny that,mine had the same thing happen although it was,ent a catatolist but a new engine it needed
    funny really .

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