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When the Audi TT was first released, I was at the height of my love for funky bubble shaped cars. Somewhat unsurprisingly, I fell head of heels for it. The, however, things went downhill – suddenly a TT was around every corner, and it started to look duller and duller. They were so over-bought, in fact, that I ended up hating them with a passion. After all, loving a car is only a little to do with facts, and far more to do with passion.

It was quite a surprise for me when Audi released their newer TT Coupe model, and once again they hit the nail on the head in the looks department. Smooth lines met with sharp angles, and the car took on an ergonomic aerodynamic feel that hadn’t been there before. As well as sexy good looks (especially in black), the RS version also comes with a pretty impressive engine and set of stats.

Audi TT RS Coupe Engine

Audi TT RS Coupe Engine

The 340 PS, turbocharged 2.5 litre TFSI engine is only the tip of the iceberg. Roaring from o0-62 in a bone crunching 4.6 seconds, this isn’t just a fun plaything something with the cash to shell out on it – it is quite clearly a serious car that have more than a spritz of racing in its genes. For this speed and power, you would be stupid to expect efficiency. After all, the huge engine is designed to do one things only – get you from A to B in the most enjoyable way possible. Practicality, my friends, has nothing to do with it. That said, a combined MPG of 9.2 is pretty poor – but if you own this car, you will be unlikely to care!

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