Auto Express Awards | Volkswagen Scoops Inaugural Green Award

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So, unless you lived under a rock last month, you’ll have heard about the action that Greenpeace took against Volkswagen. Greenpeace claims that VW is “using its huge political muscle to lobby against key environmental laws” despite making claims that it wants to be “the most eco-friendly car automaker in the world”. Despite the BlueMotion range, Greenpeace also claims that Volkswagen has not made more efficient and fuel saving cars standard across its fleet.

Volkswagen BlueMotion

The BlueMotion Rollercoaster

So, although the marketing on Greenpeace’s side was ingenious, last month was a bit environmentally awkward for the huge manufacturing group, which is why this (somewhat unexpected) Auto Express award is bound to make them happier. You see, this is the first year the Auto Express awards have included a green option, and Volkswagen BlueMotion have won it. In Auto Express’s words, “The best thing about BlueMotion is how few compromises it demands. And sealing the deal is the fact it delivers genuine gains for business users and private buyers, as well as the environment”.

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