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Ford has developed a Fiesta model that will Tweet it’s mood, location and other useful information as it journeys from Michigan to California. It’s an innovative idea from Ford and one that really integrates social media with the automotive industry. Plus it makes for a pretty interesting web marketing strategy.

The cars will automatically check into Foursquare based upon its location, and the drivers will be winners of a competition that was held for student from Michigan University to design the best mobile App. The winning app is Caravan Track, an app that tracks cars travelling together, something that the majority of drivers will find useful.

The car generates emotions from being driven in a fun way, or from the car taking a photo and posting it online. It generates its interactive nature from technology called car telemetry, a tech lover’s delight! When the wipers are on, the mood may change, suggesting that the car is having less fun.

This technology has led to the convergence of automotive and consumer electronics and the idea appears innovative and web-tastic! However the question really is how far is too far? Is the internet and social media converging too far and too fast?

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    I actually think this is a pretty neat idea, it shows just how socially savvy Ford are getting! Here at Concept Vehicle Leasing, we love stories like this, it shows the power social media has these days. I do think auto-tweeting might be a tad too personal though, however if you can control what you choose to share, then that’s awesome. Similar to how Facebook has a ‘Places’ feature. Great read once again!

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