Automotive Augmented Reality – Where will it go?

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Augmented reality is quite the buzzword at the moment, and perhaps with good reason. After all, the basic idea is that, through the wonders of technology, we can change the world around us. Whether that’s through altering a horizon as seen through a phone screen, or all the way to distorting and world-changing glasses, it’s always going to be quite remarkable. As such, currently social media agencies and techno-geeks the world over are getting wobbly around the knees about the potential, and mobile phone apps are spring up left right and centre.

All this, of course, at the same time as BAE (perhaps trying to curry some respect points to heal the wounds in their tattered reputation) announce their “X-Ray” helmet that lets pilots quite literally see through their plane. Yes, you hear me right – this amazing helmet means that if a pilot looks down, they won’t see the base of the plane, but what is actually below it. Even more impressively, they can use this view to target missiles etc without needing to reposition the plane. It’s pretty freaky stuff.

Striker Helmet from VSI

It’s freaky stuff!

The car industry hasn’t escaped the onslaught of AR either. The recent Volvo V40 stand allow car show guests to look at the V40 through an iPad screen, that would act6 as an X-Ray, showing you inside the car – at any angle. In the past, journalists have reported on head up displays that overlay the world through your windscreen with AR tech, such as a heads up SatNav leading you through the roads. So, where will it stop?

Will our wing mirrors highlight oncoming traffic and check our blind spot for us? Will we be able to ask our windscreen to show us the nearest McDonald’s with a big arrow in the sky? What other AR functionality can you see becoming standard in our cars? Will we even have see-through windscreens years down the line?


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Posted by admin   @   4 September 2012

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