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Do you remember a few months about all the gossip surrounding Saab? The Swedish car brand was going downhill fast, and it was only with the takeover by Spyker and €400m loans from the European Investment Bank that the cash-strapped brand managed to clamber back on its feet. Now those rumours are back, as it looks like yet again Saab may be struggling to keep their heads above the water.

The gossip mill has been winding up for a few weeks now, but the suspension of production for the 4th day in the Trollhattan factory seems to be one of the first truly tangible effects of Stryker’s rather negative looking annual report. The stoppage is due to parts shortages, which are due to the fact that the large automotive manufacturer hasn’t been paying the bills due to several Swedish manufactures. This stinks strongly of financial difficulties, even though the brand Chairman is insistent that they aren’t about to collapse.

What do you reckon? Is Saab on its way out?

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