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OK, I’ll admit it – I’m a sucker for a good looking iPhone app. The bright screen of this particular phone means that well crafted design is more important than ever, and this may be the main reason that I am featuring the Parkbud on the blog today. After all, just look at it – this is clearly a pretty creation, one that has been designed to seem more mechanical than electric, and which looks satisfying to use and play with.

Parkbud Parking iPhone App

The iPhone app

So, what does this app actually do? Well, lots of things it seems, amongst which are a car locator, parking finder, specialized camera, and journal. Particularly cool for gentle idiots like myself is the fact that Parkbud gives up minute by minute directions back to your car, including how long and how far it will take you to get there! In addition you get reminders before your meter expires; the ability to take notes on parking restrictions, errands and more; as well as facilities to take, edit, and save photos of that obscure parking spot. All in all, if it works as well as they say, this has potential to be a really handy app.

What do you think? Would you download it? I suppose the fact that it is currently free might make a difference…

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3 Opinions

  • RedSnow 4.3.3

    good useful info buddy

  • Sam

     there should aslo be a blind spot app. blind spots are really a problem, but there are ways to get over them!-The-Optimal-Way-to-Adjust-Your-Mirrors.aspx

  • Anonymous

    That is a good looking app. Its so much easier to create beauty in iOS v. Android.

    Here’s an app that links to your cruise control. 
    Allows you to “Rage against the Machine”…
    Perhaps your readers would enjoy your take on it…

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