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A few months ago we took a look at Parkbud, a multifunctional parking app for the iPhone that we found both pleasant and functional. Well v2.0 is due for release today and we couldn’t wait to share the news! The features we loved about the original app remain, such as appearance and ease of use, but with all new features that could make it THE must have parking app.

Parkbud v2.0

The new version will be separated into two options, a free option – Parkbud Pay, with some fantastic features as standard, and for those who are seeking a little more; a paid addition – Parkbud Plus, which will cost $0.99 or £0.69 and will really push the boundaries of what you can expect from a parking app.

So what are we getting from the app? Well Parkbud Pay (the somewhat confusingly named free part) gives you a lot of handy features that, considering it’s free nature, is 100% worth downloading. The simple, but brilliant starting point for this app is the ability to pay for your parking ticket no matter where you are in the world as long as mobile payment is accepted; meaning you no longer need to worry about falling 10p short when parking.

A crucial pitfall when having paid for your ticket is not returning in time, Parkbud allows you to set reminders; to ensure you never get back to your car too late again! To increase ease of use you can even store payment information and payment history on the app if you wish, along with your favourite places to park. The app also has the handy ability to form a pre-populated text which you can send to parking providers in order to pay; the app can now be used to renew tickets without having to be anywhere near your car!

Now consider the fact that this is simply the features you can expect from the free part of this app, and then you begin to realise the scale of what this app has to offer.

Parkbud Interface

With Parkbus Plus you get more freedom and interactivity. On top of its standard ability to find nearby parking, you can now also find Fuel Stations, Restaurants, Garages, Banks and points of interest all with “1 tap”. You are given the freedom to create, save, edit and rearrange your own favourite places and save your parking info even when GPS is not available with the parking spot widget. On the tracking side, you get a compass, and parking spot widget’s ability to track parking level, colour and number as well as a rotating map you can follow. The most potent point with the paid version is its ability to find your car even if you cannot find a GPS signal! For a little extra fun the paid version comes with rotating wheels, sliding doors, animations and sounds to increase overall user experience and even comes with a flashlight!

Add all this on top of the digital clock, minute-to-minute directions back to your car, 5-sheet notepad to write reminders of any kind, and camera tool with the ability to edit photos, and you really do have an app to be seriously considered.

This app has the potential to soon to become one that we see on the majority of iPhones, in whichever form, in the future. The greatest thing of all, is that the app has taken things we didn’t think about improving, and offered us a great way to do so.

Although maybe I should say the second greatest thing; the greatest thing being that the wonderful people behind the app will be offering it completely free for a limited time to celebrate it’s release!


Just to make it easy, here’s a QR Code for you to find Parkbud.

QR Code - Parkbud On Itunes

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