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Chrysler UK has been monitoring its dealer’s satisfaction ratings by taking feed-back direct from its customers. Chrysler are using the Motor Codes survey format as a way of raising customer satisfaction across all of its dealers.

Motor Codes surveys are “Government backed”; allowing customers to complete short surveys after any dealer servicing, and giving them confidentiality – sent by a secure link.

Whilst it is an unusual step it shows Chrysler’s commitment to raising the standards of its dealers. Metin Tahsin, customer relationship manager at Chrysler UK said, “The Motor Codes scheme will provide even greater peace of mind to customers, as our dealers publicly demonstrate their high standards.” In addition Chris Mason, Motor Codes director, said, “It’s certainly going to open the eyes of other manufacturers that hold customer service standards in high regard.”

The Chrysler dealers are able to see the same satisfaction score as potential clients; who are looking for a garage to take their car to, so they will have a real incentive to provide great service.

It seems like a project that will be good for Chrysler UK, its dealers, and the motoring public.

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