Bringing back the Ford Capri?

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I heard a delightful rumour the other day. The kind of rumour that, were it to come true, would make car nuts all around the world feel both excited and nostalgic at the same moment. That would cause a riot to get to you nearest Ford dealer, and which would make Ashes to Ashes even more popular than it already is.

The rumour is that Ford are considering bringing back the oh-so-famous and oh-so-popular Ford Capri. Exciting eh?!

The Ford Capri is such a famous car that it is hard to sum up what exactly it was about this late 60s/early 70s car that made it so special. Probably it was the iconic design – this was a car that was incredibly stylish in all its different incarnations. The sweeping bonnet and compact size set it apart from all other cars on the market, making it funky, desirable, and a real status symbol.

Vintage Ford Capri

Racing 1973 Ford Capri

The problem with bringing back this amazing car, however, is that Ford seem to have gone a little mad. I don’t say this lightly – they have taken that amazing designed and the concepts they have churned out are a little disappointing. Some of the initial ideas did harp back to that original design (in a slightly Chevy Camaro way…), but generally they seem a little disturbingly similar to a sporty looking Ford Fiesta, a BMW 1 series hatchback. Not good. Just not right.

Ford Capri Concept

Ford Capri Concept

Do you love the Ford Capri? Would you like to see it reborn in a modern interpretation?

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Posted by admin   @   22 April 2010

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7 Opinions

  • Amit Ahuja

    I loved the concept version of Ford Capri, the latter one…..ur website theme is nice dear
    .-= Amit Ahuja´s last blog ..Nokia N900 Smartphone Review =-.

  • Jon

    YES,YES,YES! How many times did i get to kiss the girl in my old capri – lots, thankyou very much. Bring it back.
    I must say the concept looks like a Jag – no surprise there then! They must be really cutting back on the design teams – everything looks like a jag. I’m not complaining though but don’t they?
    .-= Jon´s last blog ..Car Mobile Phone Holder =-.

  • Renata Carmen

    wow it would be really neat if they did bring this car back, but the concept designs are absolutely hideous. eww…
    .-= Renata Carmen´s last blog ..Free of the Rat Race! (free write 4/19/10) =-.

  • MarkSpizer

    great post as usual!

  • Jessica

    this Ford Capri ‘reloaded’ is a stunner. Before I click the read more button, I said to myself, what are they thinking in bringing back that Capri, but when I see how they remodel, redesign it…this one is a smasher….
    .-= Jessica´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  • Ross Hall

    Ford Capri rumours circulating again? New Professionals film planned?

    Tempting … 

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