Bugatti Coffee Machine | Possibly The Best Coffee Machine In The World?

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You may just presume that car manufacturers just make cars, however this appears not to be the case with the likes of Bugatti!  The brand is known for creating one of the most brilliant cars known to man, but did you also know that they have also manufactured a pretty spectacular coffee machine?

It has a 15 bar pump and 0.8 litre capacity, and a powerful 1050 watts heating capacity. This may sound like a mean automotive, but it’s actually the Bugatti Diva coffee machine, priced at around £600. The machine is undeniably Bugatti by name, Bugatti by price.


Bugatti Diva Coffee Machine

Bugatti Diva Coffee Machine

Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron

So what makes Bugatti such a desirable brand? Well, the Veyron itself could pretty much be mistaken for Batman’s car. The engine is a 16 cylinder beast that reaches 0-62 mph in 2.7 seconds and has a top speed of 254mph. As well as the revolutionary coffee maker, Bugatti also does toasters, blenders and kettles – So even if you can’t afford the Veyron, you may be able to have a little bit of Bugatti in the kitchen instead.

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4 Opinions

  • Joe@Grime and Gears

    Wow would anyone really spend 600 bucks on a coffee machine? I’m a fan of Coffee but just because its Bugatti doesn’t mean I want to spend that much!
    Joe@Grime and Gears´s last blog post ..Truck Tuning

  • Concept Vehicle Leasing

    That coffee machine looks gorgeous! Is it because it’s red and red is my all time favourite colour? Perhaps!
    Concept Vehicle Leasing´s last blog post ..Have a SAFE and Happy Halloween

  • Roof Rack UK

    That’s great Bugatti also manufactured a coffee machine. I think this is great news for all fans of Bugatti who can’t afford the Bugatti Veyron. Thanks for sharing this nice information. Cheers…

  • Graham

    Bugatti Catering Co has nothing to do with Bugatti cars!

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