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It is well known that if you buy a brand new car, you get some nifty customising options. You can have an influence on the colour, or the interior spec. You can select body kits, or car mats, or whether or not your sporty little number ought to have a go faster stripe. You can, in essence, customise it. This isn’t the case for all cars, but most give the people willing to shell-out on them in all their new-car-smell glory a set of benefits to make it slightly more worth their while.

This is, of course, all very well and good. However, when it comes down to it, picking from a small number of pre-chosen options isn’t really a fountain pof creativity. With the technology we have I am surprised that we don’t have more “free” creativity – allowing even buys of budget cars to really and truly “customise” their vehicles.

Take, for example, body wraps. And no, not of the deep sea mud and worm variety. I’m talking about the kind of body wraps that can allow you to have a leopard print smart car if you so desire. A matte black Range Rover. I am surprised that no hip and funky car brands or models have made the move to offer truly customisable straight-off-the-production-line body wraps, where customers upload their own images or create designs using special software when they order. The work is more butobviously car brands could charge a premium, the body wrapping could be automated and it is just the printing/making that is individual.

With interiors too, I wonder why we can’t do more. Why are out choice of interior leather limited to brown, beige and multiple shades of grey. WOuld it not be worth the invesment to supply a true range of fabric options and mulitple tickable boxes allow an interestior that is as individual as you are. If the process es are created intelligently, it could be a real marketing piece that can still be automated (albeit with morecomplicated stages).

The point is thus. The customisable nature of the new Mitsubishi i-MiEV may be news worthy (and it is certainly more flexible than most!), but as an ever-demanding customer I would want the ability to kit the car out with a floral exterior wrap I put together myself, multiple pieces of random body kit, a spotted clashing leather interior and wheels with pink alloys. Pwetty please?

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Posted by admin   @   14 July 2011

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10 Opinions

  • car geek

    Complexity in a car plant costs a lot of money, and even when there are lots of options, people still go for the same few. 95% of people picked one of three interior colours for a premium manufacturer, there were 12 options! One of the options was picked by just one customer in a whole year!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the insight! I suspected that was the reason really, but I still think it would be interesting to one day,in an ideal world, have true customisation!

  • Rob Rance

    It would be just wonderful to be able to customize your car. The body wraps idea could work, particularly if there was some sort of shape change that could be incorporated! Probably a long way off. 
    Auto Repair Kansas City

  • Manchester Mel

    Fully customisable cars would be revolutionary. But until the price comes down, take up will be few and far between.

  • michael blanco

     Now, who wouldn’t want that? Having customized cars like these according to your taste is a good opportunity for skills and design. Anyway, I love this post! Thanks for sharing.

  • Ivo Beutler

    Pretty soon I hope, but that will definitely take months or so before the customized car is ready to be driven back home. In fact, I personally think that car manufacturers can  already make this possible. But current financial instabilities makes these ideas quite a risk to even try.

  • Cars for sale in Philippines

    i think this is pretty close to reality and its just a matter of economics. the choice is there but the production line is all about the price in most models…. cant wait to see people’s identities on the road!

  • Cars2Buy

    I think maybe the car manufacturers are doing us a favour by holding this back.  I can just imagine a Burberry Range Rover!

  • Trevor

    What youare talking about exist today but the demand is just not there from a
    manufacturers perspective and there are many after market providers of
    customization for every aspect of the vehicle. Take the technology of water
    transfer imaging, it allows the individual car enthusiast to truly customise
    the look of the interior (dash and trim), under the hood (valve covers, engine
    covers, etc.) and the exterior (wheels, mirrors, grills etc.). From wood grains
    and carbon fibres to skulls and animal prints in every conceivable colour gives
    unlimited options for creating your individual look. Dealers have access to
    this technology but the demand is just not there so you need to seek these
    options out. There are professional decorators throughout North America that provide this service to
    both the commercial dealers and individuals.

  • Boris

    I think the problems that arise in the modification of a car are not only budgetary but also affect the procurement of goods. Just imagine… Maybe I have a budget but when I want to modify one part, the dealer does not provide the things I want.
    Why car companies do not produce a car that has a complete technology? I think the company is also thinking twice because not many people can afford high-tech cars.
    BMW M3 is my dream car. I do not need to modify this car because it was quite a sophisticated design. Well, I would not willingly leave the car for 1 month at the dealer for modifications.

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