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I was on a little web-browse today; when I discovered a handy car accessory. Now I’m not usually one for ‘innovative’ sales products, but considering it’s just won the “Most Innovative Design Award” at the British Invention Show in London, I think I can make an exception.

The invention in question is a CD Slot mount, which pretty much does what it says on the tin; it’s a mount on which you can rest valuables (even loose change) which fits snugly into the CD Slot.

CD Slot Holder

Now my first worry here was that, as great an idea as this is; what happens when I want to listen to a CD at the same time? However, you can still listen to your CD’s, which really made me warm to this product; I mean, yes, a holder which fits into the CD slot is innovative, but it’s the little bits of extra thought and the ability to hold back until it’s ready for market that will really see a product blossom in the long run.

It’s something I appreciate with this product, alongside the obvious improvement from a safety perspective, and the overall versatility the accessory provides; it’s much easier to carry and install than a conventional holder. Best of all if it doesn’t fit in your CD holder they’ll even give you a refund.

This has the possibility to take off in the future, so definitely warrants a ‘watch this space’ in my books.

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2 Opinions

  • Anonymous

    I have found the Slot Mount invaluable in my humble opinion it is one of most useful inventions of all time I travel a lot and would not want too be without it now. It looks a simple thing but it is a stroke of genius, I wonder just how many lives will be saved from it’s use. As it has been proved that fixing the device to the windscreen.did produce a blind spot, I am most surprised there is not a law banning this practice. You truly deserve your award have been telling all my friends about it, and will be looking for your next invention.

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