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Recent news has highlighted a new, up and coming trend of car sharing. It seems like one of those great ideas that has many benefits but somehow it’s never really taken off, until now. Hertz the car hire company has recently started an already thriving scheme in London called Hertz Connect, which provides students of London universities the opportunity to access a car day or night.

The car model which is driving the scheme forward is the environmentally friendly Fiat 500 – a compact and practical car that is one of the safest on the small car market. The Fiat also seats four comfortably, making it perfect car for sharing. The main advantage of using a Fiat 500 is that it is extremely environmentally friendly, only emitting a mere 120g of Carbon output for every kilometre driven. Additionally the Fiat is equipped with an anti-pollution system that lowers the engines activity when the car is at a standstill.

Fiat 500

Fiat 500

One of the key places that the scheme is taking place at is Reading University, a hub of 18,000 students who will gain access to a car for only £3.95 an hour, and the £50 standard join-up fee will be wavered for all students and staff – making the cost highly competitive and appealing to students with limited funds.

To attract the target audience, the Fiat will also provide i-Pod input points and all the other modern gizmos. Despite these benefits, the main message will promote the importance of being ‘green’. The scheme will be officially launched during a green week at Reading University this month, and will help to promote the importance of reducing carbon footprints.

The scheme sounds like it has plenty of potential, offering students the chance to transport themselves, where otherwise they may not be able to afford to. Additionally there is no doubt that the scheme will help the local community in terms of reducing congestion and freeing up parking spaces. Only time will tell if the Car Sharing programme will roll out to more Universities, but it seems to have definitely made a mark already.

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    so is this an anti-pollution car or what?

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