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Following on from yesterdays post about the most stereotypically girly cars on the market, we thought we ought to do a line up of the most ostentatious and brash boys cars in the world. For the boy racer and the grown up boy racer alike, these are the blokey cars that are perfect for boys through and through. We are talking real stereotypes here – that cars that come with an IV drip of testosterone and a bit of an attitude problem (unlike the shrinking violet girls cars!).

First comes a bit of a classic. The Mitsubishi Evo tends to roar its way through life, forcing people out of the way and attempting to weave its way through traffic jams. It is generally souped up to the max, and too powerful for normal usage.

Mitsubishi Evo

Now the BMW M3. Respected from a motoring standard, this car ticks all the bloke boxes. The shape is all about harsh lines and a low-down, manly stance – and the reputation of the drivers tends to match.


Third, a Lambo. Lamborghini are in many ways the ultimate statussymbols, with enough bells and whistles to act as a very efficient penis extension. They do tend to be perfect for men with Napoleon syndrome, and they are one of those cars that looks cool but can’t handle a speed bump.

Bright Yellow Lamborghini

Next, a relatively new contender. The Renault Sport is a car that, forgetting the stereotypes, I have only ever seen being driven by the male of the species. It is impractical, powerful and sporty, and tends to be bought when very young and crashed just a few weeks down the line.

Renault Clio Sport

Finally, how about a classic. The original middle life crisis, a Triumph Spitfire really is the epitome of all that is wonderful about the boys cars. The design is perfect, the engine sublime, and the looks classic.

Triumph Spitfire

Can you think of any other blokey cars?

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2 Opinions

  • sagar

    lambhorgini is gr8!!!!

  • John Simms

    How about some information on the new i-Miev electric car ? Its claimed to cost around £115 per 10000 miles if its charged using cheap rate overnight electricity.

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