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OK, so some cars are more unashamedly girlie than others. These are the ones that tend to get the “hairdressers” car label, or which are regarded as incredibly camp. They are often pink, and sometimes they have glitter on them. If we are talking about girl power and female stereotypes, then there are plenty¬†of cars out there that really fit the bill through and through.

So, without further ado, here is my list of the very most stereotypical cars for girls on the market (boy cars to follow tomorrow):

First, the Lilly Pulitzer, a truck that Barbie would be happy to drive. In fact, this is a car that I am sure a Barbie I owned once DID drive. The Jeep shape is actually surprisingly girly (see how it has been made smaller to fit dainty gals), and the flowers just finish the impression!

Lily Pulitzer

Lily Pulitzer

Next, the permanent favourite, the VW Beetle. This is a Gal car through and through thanks to the curvy yet cute shape, and the fact that it isn’t particularly highly regarded for its engine. Because, y’know, us girls don’t care what a car drives like…

Yellow VW Beetle

Finally, my dream car. The Nissan Figaro is a retro little bubbly honeybun, for want of a better description, and it is the sort of vehicle that girls can imagine themselves driving around in, head wrapped in a head scarf and eyes obscured by huge vintage shades. Or that might just be me.

Pink Nissan Figaro

The next car is a new one, released just this week. It is, to be honest, just a normal Fiat 500C that is in a brand new shade of pink. As one pundit described it, this is as camp as it gets, and consequently couldn’t be left out of the list!

Fiat 500C Pink

Finally, we have a car that really takes the biscuit in terms of stereotypical cars for women. Firstly, it is pink, secondly it is curvy, and thirdly is is something driven in a childhood TV show, The Thunderbirds car, otherwise known as the FAB 1, was recently recreated – and it looks a little different from its Rolls-Royce based origins! This would be enough to turn us all into Lady Penelope!

Thunderbirds FAB1

Can you think of any other girly cars?

Boys cars to follow!

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  • Ashlyn williams@ Ohio Car Dealers

    Ohh wow! the cars are awsome.. Boys plz don under estimate girls even girls are good racer..
    Its jus abt colors.

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